What would become ofthe emptiness?
Often enough it appears to be absence
Is it a failure to seal up a cavity or a gap?
Is it a failure to fill a hole?
a residue,
a negative space in a city, a building or a ground
a space in-between…
what is possible? Between an object and a place, a containerand a contained, between an ending and a beginning, between construction and demolition,
these placeless places,
ordinary spaces,
an inventory of extensions, of what was or what will be,
a threshold
a border
a happening
… and all of the spaces in-between.
 Installation view; 70 scaffolds borrowed from a construction site, plaster sculpture.
 Concept sketches, mask tape on paper, 25 x 15 cms
 Research, construction site view, Sweifyeh, Amman
Concept sketches
Concept study model, card and concrete, 20 x 10 x 10 cms
 'A dig' , 7:00 minute video with sound
The video which inspired the work, shot from my studio roof on September 2010, a building which 
I long knew from my childhood was torn down to nothing...'
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