The 7 thcircle, being the first roundabout gateway encounter once reaching the cityarriving from the airport highway road, can perhaps be argued as the mostimportant circle in Amman.  
Symbiosis was commissioned to reinvent the entire intersection to elevate its quality to a a highly dignified state and erect a monument that would stand as an icon for Jordan’s ten inspirational and fundamental living values declared by His Majesty the King.  
The structure stands 16 meters high and is layered with the Arabic Kofi calligraphy words indifferent scales and through a composition that balances artistic ambiguous composition with rational legibility and structural build-ability.  The crux of the gesture was to achieve a soulful resonance that is also artistically profound and neither imposing nor invisible.
Study physical models
Study physical models
Plans on 5m intervals
Rotational elevations
Text engarved on the metal sheets
Physical model, 45 cm x 45cm x 25cm
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