Hiwwar, 2009
On-site installation :Two abandoned houses in the village of Shatana, 24 found chairs, 2000m of red thread, 2 TVs, a silent video piece , sound piece.
An installation portraying a conversation between two abandoned houses in the village, one is old and the other is new. Where the issue of the people leaving out Shatana and their houses is clearly sensed throughout its spaces. The conversation is read through the TVs inside the houses windows, where in the video which is played backwards; I am eating out and erasing the words with my brush, the words of the houses speaking of their wishes, memories, and hope…
     The witness to this conversation are the 24 chairs that were found in other abandoned houses around the village, bathed with concrete and frozen in time. Another layer is added through the sound piece that is distributed under the chairs channeled into 6 different sources, where the memory of the place is recaptured through the random, layered, unclear raw conversations of people still living in the village.  
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