'Theatre Lines'
‘Masrah al Balad’, or downtown’s theater is the new alternative space in Amman. The theater hosts International, regional and local artists and performers. For the last ten years the theater has been providing the Ammani’s with an open platform that celebrates and incubates culture, art ,theater and music.
The building is an adaptive reuse of the old famous ‘CinemaAl Ordon’ building, located in the heart of Amman’s downtown, the structure is considered an iconic building of the architecture that was prevailing in Amman inthe 1940s.  The theatre climbs on theedges of one of the main mountains forming the Urban fabric of old Amman,making it visible from different locations. For its main elevation the owners wanted to install an artistic creature that enlivens its blank façade.

The project provided us with a rich environment and a context bursting  with art, culture and Amman’s special topography. The theatre’s neighboring mountain embraced Amman’s oldest theatre, it’s Roman Amphitheatre. The heart and center of the city, surrounding that first theatre Amman started to grow. Buildings grew up on that mountain, and the theatre kept breathing at its base until this day. We decided to carry those weaving lines, nature and art ,and to install them on our new theatre wall.
The installation exhibits all the layers of it concept, it portrays Ammans nature, urbanity and distinctive topography. It celebrates its earliest art hub and recreates it in a new location, all with low cost authentic materials.

The installation will reuse wood of construction sites, and to make it more sustainable, special paint that collects sunlight at day and glows at night will be used to light up the wall installation.  For it to be green, alive and regenerative, just as art and theatre, the lines of the earliest theatre stones will be carried on our new theatre built stones to breathe simultaneously.
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