" An attempt to redefine 'spaces of uncertainty', and to palpate the marks of what may soon be no more in our city, celebrating traces ofthe missing, the residual and imagining the whispering narratives of the marginal."
Monuments: A Refuge in Margins

When seeking refuge in a margin characterizes the city’s non-places as defined monuments
Exploring the restlessness of our times—times of change, transition, departures and deviations—where, in constructing a new order, the destruction of an old one is often the cost. Is it a power struggle, an instinctive recoil from the void, or a fear of nothingness that pushes us to build and rebuild? In a constantly changing, morphing topography, ruins, decay and shattered concrete render our city suspended—places of absence, non-places of emptiness, omissions and gaps. 

Where could one find one’s concrete symbol of belonging in such a changing environment? In a monument? Are monuments always a symbol for a treasured past, a petrified moment, or a designed demonstration of people's memories? Could it be an accidental manifestation of thoughts, memories and happenings, floating around and sometimes managing to land somewhere in our physical environment into transient monuments? 

This is an escape, where we pivot on edges, walk through thresholds, and imagine margins; an attempt to monumentalize moments, places of the soon-to- be-forgotten and others yet to happen, in a city with no monuments. 

“You had to choose the margin in order to know where you were.” Mahmoud Darwish
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