'Transit' is an exhibition by Dina Haddadin, part of 'Counterparts' joint exhibitionn organized by interruptions, 2010

A place of transition, a non-place... either the container or the contained, the inside or the outside, what was or what will be.
But in this single transient fleeing moment real or figment, it is a place of in-betweeness; a state, an edge, a border, a threshold, an ephemeral space of a moving impetus, a momentum of an entrusted change, the transit.

The story is told in a house-in-transit; which alike the city strive to be other than what has been, a temporality of demolition re-construction and construction, a perpetually transient urbanity. A house with an identity that is less concrete than the components of its being in a city which scaffolds are it people who constantly shape and reshape its being.

The house will pass these moments of transit soon, taking with it the echoes of the story exhibited.
But the city, is forever, at a moment of transit.
Exhibition brochure, 29 x 20 cm
The photos bellow, are taken of the space after the exhibition; which captures the in-between state of the house from being abandoned into this state of constructing what will be, a space in transition, an ephemeral moment Transit;  PASSING QUICKLY INTO AND OUT OF EXISTENCE
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