Gestures of narrated memories in a transient place " the Rainbow Cinema House"

A vertigo of space and time, a transient presence. Being both the spectator and the performer at instant, in the story of a changing place.
Cinemas in Amman once represented the emerging of modern institutions that contributed to the social transformation of the city. Cinemas in contrast to newspaper, were open to everyone, including the illiterate at that time... a place of public gathering, a place of social change that shaped the intellectual environment of the city.
Installation; chair, table found in the house, video with sound projected on wall across, video with sound on monitor sound through head-speakers, camera.
Once the viewer is seated, with the headset on, the camera captures the motion and transmits the viewers hands on the table into the projected video on the wall ( using a the blue screen effect)
Being part of the cinema space itself as a witness of change, struggling to hear the stories being told through the headset, amongst the noise that is generated in the room from the construction noise captured in the cinema space in the video projection across.
Video on monitor with sound,  03:03 min looping
Video on projected on wall with sound,  03:51  min looping
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