To communicate we need a universal language- Art
Art - the communicator
Culture - the communique
In order to introduce Art we need to engage with Amman and its people by extending to the adjoining urbanity, and bringing the flow of life from the city ito the building;
The Art promenade;  this flow, dugs its way through the induced horizontal story, converting the social podium into a non-building pulled down within the art promenade.
The outer shell of the building is defined by the Lucid, with key words describing what art is printed over its skin. While the inner glass form the Nexus; is printed with video projections conveying art and life, bringing live art and cultural activities around the city into the hotel and its art promenade.
The art Nexus and the Lucid coexist in a symbiotic relationship where the Lucid lifts up at the street level attracting people in exposing them to the dug in art promenade and the Art Nexus.
 The Lucid wraps around the Art Nexus, the promenade hence becoming a main gate to the future pedestrian pathway the municipality is proposing passing through the building.
Creating inbetween spaces that are used functionally; such as the pol and its deck. While the opening, slighty revealing the Nexus, introducing a hint of its existence to the street.
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